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"We had the most amazing and memorable experiencing arranged by the team of Your Events! It was in a beautiful venue with delicious food and gorgeous decors. 

We had no stress before or during the event, every one of our guests had a great time and it was exactly how we wanted it to be. Would highly recommend their service for anyone looking for the perfect celebration! 

— Mr and Mrs Nguyen

"We had the most stress-free vacation with Your Events. 

 Every step of the way was planned out perfectly, just the way we like it, with travel, accommodation, activities, meals and even wonderful surprises ready and prepared for us!

For those of you that don't have time or don't want to stress about researching your vacation, we suggest asking Your Events !

— Ruby & Brandon


Instead of providing set packages, we are here to assist with every tiny request you have.

We are here to be your partners every step of the way, providing as much support as we can provide.


We offer our services at a competitive price. Rather than charging based on a package and applying excess fees, our flexibility allows us to charge solely according to the services you require.


We work with all kinds of venues, brands, companies, sponsors, talents in Tokyo as well as outside of Tokyo. We are able to provide you with many options that can help make your occasion as amazing as possible.


Each and every one of Your Events are the most important events to us. We treat your events like our own. We strive to put together the perfect event for you, for you to enjoy the experience of your lives!


Unlike any other event planning services, we are here to assist with your every detail, desire and need,

to help you with put together the most splendid time of your life! 


From pre-wedding photoshoots, videoshoots to bachelorette party and bachelor party,

to the wedding ceremony and the perfect honeymoon! Let us help you put together the best event of your lifetime! 

Our Mission

It is our mission and duty to perfect every aspect of your events.

No matter how small the element might seem, we are here to make sure every little detail is as you want,

We are here to help make your dream events comes true.

Bachelorette Party
Wedding Photoshoot
Birthday Party
Formal Dinner
Anniversary Party
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Our Step-by-Step Process

But how can we achieve this ? Simple, by combining a step-by-step process with partnering with the best artists and location providers. By step-by-step we intend a partnership between our customers and us, that ensures our reliable presence in preparation, throughout and after the event.

Specifically, our approach consists of 4 steps:

Colleagues Working Together

When building an event, we would first ensure to meet the customers to discuss their vision. Whether you want to meet us face-to-face, in front a cup of coffee and have a chat, or you are too busy and prefer to set the details through a phone call, is, once again, up to you. During this meeting you can tell us what you have in mind. Do you a theme in mind ?  A location you particularly like? Or are you seeking a specific atmosphere? Whether you have a clear idea or you prefer to be guided through the process, we are here to both organize and guide you through the process. After the initial meeting, we are going to research all the options for the best location, decorations, and we are going to come back to you, to set down the final plan to follow. This way we can make sure that every detail is up to your expectations, while also not charging you any unnecessary fees.

Communication is Key!


Provence Style Dinner Set

Once you have told have us about your vision, sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work. We are going to organize and set up your event the way you want it. Starting from the bottom, we are going to build up an event that would meet and exceed your expectations, starting with the invitations, up until the activities you requested to have, everything will be taken care of. No detail will be left aside, and we are going to keep you updated throughout the whole process, so you are going to be aware of the development, and, if necessary, you would still be able to change some of the details. Once again, we aim to provide you with a final product that meets (and exceeds) your expectations!

Assisting every step of the way



On the day of the event, we will be present to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and that any (unlikely) unforeseen circumstances are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Once again, no ned to worry, we are going to deal with everything, the only thing you will have to do is to enjoy the party!

We will stress so you don't have to



The party is over, but we are not ! want to keep any memories of the event ? no worries, we got you covered as well ! thanks to our professional video makers and photographers, we are going to be able to send you any material you may request, going from pictures to videos, we are going to make sure the vent will be (even more) memorable.

Don't want the fun to end...


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